Using Transfer utility in AWS SDK.NET

Useful Links

Upload files

Upload directory



Function to change encoding of a file in PowerShell

This is a function to change encoding of a file:

Vagrant basics

  • Vagrant downloads:
  • Vagrant Tutorial:
  • HashiCorp’s Atlas box catalog:
  • Vagrant boxes cache folder: C:\Users\xxxx\.vagrant.d
  • Sample vagrantfile
  • Commands to spawn windows7:

  •  Useful commands:

Useful MarkLogic links

Useful MarkLogic links:

PowerShell function to check if MarkLogic is up

Function to quickly see if MarkLogic is up and running

Taken from my unsuccessful StackOverflow answer :-)


Function to SmartCreate Folder in Powershell

Function to create a folder in Powershell if it doesn’t exist or recreate if it exists


Powershell function to execute remote code

This is an example of how to execute PowerShell remote code and pass parameters: