Elastic Search API quick reference guide

Index APIs

  • Create index: PUT /index_name
    • Can have JSON body to specify: Settings, Mappings, Aliases.
  • Check index existence: HEAD /index_name
  • Get index information: GET /index_name
  • Get index documents: GET /index_name/_search
  • Get index mappings: GET /index_name/_mappings
  • Delete index: DELETE /index_name
  • Delete documents: POST /index_name/_delete_by_query
  • Get settings: GET /{index}/_settings
  • Update settings: PUT /{index}/_settings

Cluster APIs

  • Cluster Health:
    • GET /_cluster/health
    • GET /_cluster/health/idx1,idx2 (Specified indices)
  • Cluster stats: GET /_cluster/stats
  • Cluster state: GET /_cluster/state
  • Nodes statistics: GET /_nodes/stats
  • Nodes info: GET /_nodes

Cat APIs

  • Command: GET /_cat/command_name

    • v: turn on verbose (header) output.
    • help: show available columns.
    • h: limit the output columns.
    • … (see cat APIs) for more details.
  • List of all command with: GET /_cat